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UNI World Women's Committee Meeting,Nyon, 15 - 16 March 2004,Draft Agenda


UNI World Women's Committee Meeting

Nyon, 15 - 16 March 2004

Draft Agenda

1. Opening

2. Roll Call and Adoption of the Agenda

3. Brief Minutes of Last Meeting (Melbourne, 15-16 February 2003)

4. Reports on Activities

a) Global

b) UNI-Africa

c) UNI-Americas

d) UNI-Asia-Pacific

e) UNI-Europa

5. Follow-up on the Action Plan adopted 2001 in Berlin

a) Organising Women - Brief Reports/Success Stories of Members

b) Representation of Women in UNI - update

c) Gender mainstreaming in sectoral work

6. Preparations for the 2nd UNI World Women's Conference, Chicago 2005

a) Theme(s) of the Conference

b) Practical arrangements

7. Global Equality Project

8. Global Unions

• ILO Global Report and discussion on discrimination (ILC 2003)

• Preparation for ILC 2004 General discussion on labour migration

9. Stop Violence - Continuation of the Campaign

10. Date and Venue of Next Meeting

11. Any Other Business