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UNI-Europa Women's Committee Meeting-Draft Agenda


UNI-Europa Women's Committee Meeting

Luxembourg, 16 November 2005

Draft Agenda

1) Opening

2) Adoption of the Agenda and Roll Call

3) Adoption of the Brief Minutes of the May 2005 meeting

4) Brief Report on the UNI-Europa Executive Committee Meeting, May 2005 and the UNI- Europa Management Committee Meeting, 15 November 2005

5) Links with Activities in UNI-Sectors - Brief reports by members involved/concerned

a) Equality issues taken up by UNI-Europa Sectors b) European Sectoral Social Dialogue and Women (Participation of women and developments regarding gender equality issues)

6) Follow-up on the UNI-Europa Women's Conference, December 2004

a) Implementation of the Conclusions/Action Points - Setting next priorities

b) Progress in bringing the women's concerns into UNI-Europa sectoral work

7) 2nd UNI World Women's Conference (Chicago, 20-21 August 2005)

a) Brief report on the event and comments by participants

8) Brief report of members on

a) Any recent activities undertaken or issues tackled at national or union level

b) Work / meetings of "Area" groups

9) Campaign "Organising Women" - Brief reports /Success stories by members

10) Report and discussion on current equality matters on the agenda of the EU and the ETUC

11) Any other business

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